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Plastic Delivery Boxes

Plastic delivery boxes
Delivery box colour

Delivery Box D39
Delivery Box D34
Delivery Box D29

The plastic delivery boxes can be safely stacked when loaded and perfectly nested when empty.

Boxes mainly intended for delivery of online sold grocery products. They take less space in the truck when they return empty. Suitable for food retail, industry, and distribution.

Delivery box
Plastic delivery box with lids
Plastic delivery boxes with lids


Delivery plastic boxes
  • Stackable and nestable.
  • Stackable box with the lids open, to allow air circulation, and closed.
  • Strong, long lasting containers.
  • Lid system that features a perfect closing for the boxes.
  • A seal can embrace the closed lids to control if the box has been opened.
  • Different colours are available, allowing quick identification of products or for conveying corporate colours.


Stackable delivery boxes

The nesting distance is 80 mm.

Colored delivery boxes with lids

Stackable boxes with the lids open to allow air circulation.

Colored plastic delivery boxes

Stackable boxes with the lids closed.


Delivery plastic boxes with seal

A seal can embrace the closed lids to control if the box has been opened.


Dimensions in millimetres:

Sketch of delivery plastic box
Sketch of delivery box
Sketch of delivery plastic boxes
63,61 L
55,46 L
47,08 L


13.6 M TRUCK 26 100 2600
40 FT CONTAINER 22 100 2200
20 FT CONTAINER 9 88 792