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The plastic pallet

ITM PACK plastic pallets for palletising all types of loads and contents

Reusable industrial pallet made of plastic for the transport of moderate loads.

It is injected in polypropylene (PP) with talc to ensure its mechanical resistance.

Its dimensions are 800 x1000 mm. And it can be purchased with 3 skids that are attached to the bottom of the pallet.

Black pallet ITM injected in great resistance polypropylene, used for the palletization of multiple products in any industry
Plastic pallet of the company ITM Pack, based in the Spanish city of Valencia, for the transport of palletized goods
Our plastic pallet stands out from the competition for being very light, easy to handle and, therefore, cheaper to transport



Dimensions in millimeters:


774mm x 1000mm x 125mm

288.69mm distance between legs

Weight: 5,195 kg

Pallet with skid

The skate allows the pallet to be easily transported on a pallet truck, in addition to increasing its stability

All TIM Pack plastic pallets are commercialized with three skids to improve product functionality


Pallets column aproximated height: 2000 mm

50 pallets stacked on top of each other