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Plastic pallet box

Plastic fruit pallet boxes are much better than wooden palots because they allow total cleaning and sanitization

Plastic pallet box. What are they and what are they for?

Pallet boxes are stackable. Our boxes can be placed on top of each other thanks to an optimized design for this task

Plastic pallet boxes are large capacity containers used mainly in the sectors: horticulture and industrial.

They are compact and sturdy containers that enable delicate goods such as fruit or vegetables to be transported conveniently.

Pallet boxes are very light. Its manipulation is very comfortable. They can be easily moved with a pallet truck.

They are also stackable for easy storage.

Plastic box for liquids of all types such as fuels, sewage, oil mixtures with other substances or simply water, among others
Fruit pallet boxes, these big boxes are used especially in the Valencian, Murcian and Andalusian crops, for the collection of all kinds of products from the orchards



ITM PACK plastic pallet boxes have multiple uses. Thanks to their characteristics and versatility, they can be used in a large number of sectors. Its best known use is as a container to transport fruit, but it has further applications.

Horticulture Sector

Our products are specially designed to meet the requirements of the horticulture sector

Plastic pallet boxes are also used to collect all kinds of fruit and vegetables. Such as melons, watermelons, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, pomegranates, broccoli, garlic, onions, peppers, chestnuts, artichokes, pumpkins or corn, among others.

Industrial Sector

The ITM PACK pallet box of has very varied uses within the industrial world

Its use extends to any field in which large capacity containers are required. In addition, its resistance to chemicals can be a great advantage for the storage of delicate substances.

Meat industry

Our palot can be used in the meat industry, e. g. as a container for hams or similar products

They are used by the meat industry as containers for large pieces such as hams. ITM Pack has developed a blind pallet box model especially for this use.

Liquid Products

The plastic boxes, with the compact finish, can be used as containers for liquids

As a container for all types of liquid.


By default, the ITM pallet box is made in gray. It is the color that we keep stock of all models.

In any other of our standard colors, blue, green, red, yellow or natural, our pallet box is manufactured under a minimum order of 1.000 units.

Our fruit box has dimensions suitable for manual movement without the use of mechanical means


795mm x 600mm x 600mm de altura
ITM palot dimensions are unique. Our big box responds to the market need for a pallet box smaller than the standard size
Our pallet box has a capacity of 202L
Perspective of the pallet box


ITM PACK compact pallet
Compact finish 11.7Kg
ITM PACK perforated pallet
Perforated finish 11Kg


The pallet box legs can be replaced

Our pallet boxes are commercialized with four plastic legs that allow a comfortable displacement.

If a big box leg is damaged by improper use or by receiving a strong impact, it can be replaced. The legs are fully replaceable.

The pallet box legs allow the goods to be lifted above ground level. In this way, you avoid dirtying the products
Bigbox plastic pallet box stands out above wooden palot boxes for its durability and impact absorption capacity

Legs dimensions

The legs of the box are made of high density polyethylene to ensure its resistance


Truck 9 m.

132 Plastic pallet box

Trailer truck

264 Plastic pallet box